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 YP 2016

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Anyone with 5 years or less experience in a mosquito-related field (student, mosquito control, government, industry, etc) is eligible for YP group membership. To officially join, please click the link at the bottom of the page to sign up. Once a member, you’ll receive updates and information on all of the YP activities we have planned throughout the year, including YP member-only events.

The AMCA Young Professionals group was started to welcome students and professionals who are just beginning their careers in the mosquito industry and new to AMCA. Our goal is to provide opportunities for YPs to build relationships with each other and with experienced professionals through a variety of activities, and encourage life-long participation in the association. While most of our activities take place at our annual meeting, including a YP dinner, social, and a special symposium, we also host a series of webinars year-round featuring topics of interest to YPs and non-YPs alike.

The official YP website is where you’ll find the most current information about the group, including our mission and goals, information about upcoming events, and our YP webinar archive.