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'The Potential of Oxitec's GM Mosquitoes'
Aired August 16, 2016 at 1pm EST

Summary: Mosquito-borne diseases, such as dengue fever, Zika, chikungunya and malaria, are major and increasing international public health concerns. The two main vectors of dengue are Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus and current control measures are proving difficult against both these mosquitoes. In an Oxitec control programme transgenic male mosquitoes (male mosquitoes do not bite or transmit disease) are released continually over a wide area to mate with the target pest population; progeny from these matings die and the target population declines. Over 150 million genetically engineered Oxitec male mosquitoes have been released over the past 6 years in trials around the world. I will present about what this has achieved and future prospects around the world




1. Oxitec has developed a genetic modified self-limiting mosquito strain, known as OX513A, to control Aedes aegypti which transmits diseases like Zika, dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever.

2. The Oxitec mosquito contains a "self-limiting" gene, preventing environmental persistence and in Panama Aedes aegypti control did not facilitate invasion by other mosquito species over a 12 month period. Oxitec, using OX513A males which do not bite or transmit disease, has had field success supressing the pest populations of Aedes aegypti in selected field trials in urban areas by 90+% over the past 6 years and CTNBio in Brazil have approved the Oxitec mosquito (OX513A) from an efficacy and environmental safety perspective for commercial application. FDA-CVM, CDC and EPA issued preliminary Finding of No Significant Impact on human health or the environment.

3. Oxitec has solutions for other mosquitoes including Aedes albopictus. This webinar will cover Oxitec's technology, the extensive lab and field studies, the regulatory process in the US and elsewhere, and prospects for the future.


Bio sketch: Derric Nimmo, PhD.'s career has given him a broad background in insect and parasite molecular biology. His PhD. looked for novel mechanisms of drug resistance in Leishmania sp. leading to postdoctoral work that concentrated on the genetic transformation of mosquitoes (Ae. aegypti, An, stephensi and An, gambiae) and the development of site-specific integration systems for genes. He started at Oxitec in 2005 as Head of Public Health Research with the aim of developing new RIDL systems in mosquitoes, supported by a Gates grant of $5 million. From this work they produced the new products in mosquitoes and published this work in Nature Biotechnology. Dr. Nimmo has extensive knowledge and experience in the transformation of mosquitoes and have setup two different laboratories specifically for this technique. Insect mass rearing techniques and equipment is a passion of his, having worked with insects for the past 20+ years. From this work he co-invented several developments in mosquito mass rearing with a patented method for two devices for the high throughput sorting of larvae from pupae and for sexing pupae. In order to achieve this work required numerous collaborations with over a dozen different institutions and coordination of the activities of many researchers around the world including India, Malaysia, Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam and the US. He has extensive experience in the US with mosquito control districts, the regulatory process and presented at many scientific conferences and talks. Dr. Nimmo is now Product Development Manager at Oxitec, taking their product into the field and applying our technology to make a difference in mosquito control. His last passion is scientific illustration and photography, having published several illustrations. If you visit www.oxitec.com, you can view a lot of his images and photographs of insects.

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