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A core mission of the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) is informing the public about mosquito biology and acceptable methods of control. It is extremely important that the public be supplied with reliable, scientifically-based information upon which to make informed choices. To this end, the AMCA contracts the services of a medical entomologist to serve as AMCA spokesperson and handle all media inquiries. The contract position, termed "Technical Advisor", is currently held by Joseph M. Conlon a retired US Navy entomologist with extensive worldwide experience in mosquito control during a 25 year career in entomology.

Mr. Conlon has presented 73 invited papers on vector control to universities, national, regional and state mosquito control, medical and public health associations and has published 41 articles on vector control in refereed journals and trade publications. In addition, he has served as president of the Mid-Atlantic Mosquito Control Association (1998-1999) and Virginia Mosquito Control Association (1996-1997). His expertise has been further recognized during 2 appearances to provide testimony regarding mosquito control and West Nile virus issues before the US Congress.

Mr. Conlon has extensive media experience and has appeared on FOX News Channel, Lou Dobbs Tonight, ABC Nightly News, 'Encounters with the Unexplained", along with countless live radio interviews. Mr. Conlon recently completed two satellite media tours, with live broadcast interviews to 27 markets nationwide.

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